Pop the top off a bottle of champagne—the Washington Wizards finally won a basketball game! After losing eight straight contests to start the 2011-12 NBA season, the Wizards earned a decisive 93-78 victory over the Toronto Raptors last night to get into the win column. That being said, things still aren't all good in D.C. Last week, John Wall ripped his teammates. Then, his teammate Andray Blatche suggested that head coach Flip Saunders might be losing control of the team in the locker room. And after a practice on Monday, Saunders took his turn taking a shot by telling local reporters that he thinks Wall—the franchise's best player and their foundation for future success—played in too many summer leagues during the NBA offseason last year and hurt his game.

"I've never been a proponent of all those things," he said. "I think you pick up too many bad habits and a lot of things you think are going to be very easy [are not]. I don't think I saw a change all summer long."

Could Saunders' run in Washington be coming to end? We don't entirely disagree with what he's saying here. Wall did play in a shitload of summer league games and, frankly, those things aren't exactly ideal if you're trying to improve your game. But it seems like Saunders and Wall need to be allies in the locker room in order for the coach to survive this season, no? Hopefully last night's W helps everyone kiss and make up today and leads to better things than we've seen from the Wizards so far this season...

[via Eye On Basketball]

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