Yo, LeBron and D-Wade: If you haven't cashed your last paychecks yet, you might want to do it, like, now. Not to make light of the extremely tragic accident involving the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia that occurred recently—after all, 11 people are dead as a result of it with 24 people still missing—but it's being reported that Micky Arison, the owner of the Miami Heat, has already lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million because of it. Arison is the chairman, CEO, and majority owner of Carnival Cruise Lines, which owns the Costa Concordia. And, as a result of the cruise ship crash, Carnival's stock crashed yesterday, causing Arison to lose about half a billi—with more damage still probably yet to be done. It seems that now is the time that a lot of folks out there book cruises. And when there's an image of a giant cruise ship sinking into the water all over the news everyday, well, that's just not very good for business.

[via True Hoop]

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