Those good old (emphasis on "old") Dallas Mavericks! They sure know how to play a practical joke, don't they? A lot of the guys in that locker room have been around the block once or twice—and, in most cases, way more than that!—so they know how to bust a guy's chops. And, last night, they proved it.

Their former teammate J.J. Barea, who signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves during the offseason, made his first trip back to Dallas since leaving the team after last year's championship run. So the Mavs decided to welcome him back the way you'd welcome any player who hasn't grown an inch since the fifth grade—by leaving a high chair and a couple of rattles outside of his locker!

"Look what the Mavericks did to JJ Bareas locker!" his current teammate Anthony Tolliver tweeted before last night's game. "Hahahahaha."

Good one, guys. Just don't be offended when a bunch of walkers, canes, and wheelchairs (we're looking at you, Dirk Nowitzki! And you, Jason Kidd! And you, Vince Carter! And...oh, you get the point) show up in your locker room when you go to Minnesota next month, okay?

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