36. KHK

Year: 1956
Complex Says: The K series was about Harley eagerly taking cues from the way the motorcycle market was moving at the time of release. This bike had an advanced suspension for its time, featuring telescopic front forks and a dual shock and swingarm setup in the rear. It also shifted with the right foot, rather than the left--completely different from every other Harley that had gone before it. The suspension was an attempt to capitalize on the shortfalls of the competition, while the change in shifting was an easily recognizable attempt to compete with competitors by shifting the same way they did.

The KHK was actually a factory kit owners could apply to the K to make it significantly sportier. It offered the promise of a sporty future at a time when Harley was at a crucial crossroads. And, hey, Elvis owned a KH, which was midway between a regular old K and the improved performance of the KHK.