Alex Smith: Playoff hero. Didn't see that one coming. Vernon Davis, winner? Turns out his old coach was wrong. Saturday's epic win by the 49ers had all kinds of twists and turns, some new roles for some veteran players, and best of all, one of the greatest 4th quarter drives in NFL playoff history.

Ok. You made it to the playoffs. You want a cookie? Don't be the player or team that's just happy to be there. The Vince Lombardi Trophy comes at a price. A lot of guts, a little glory, a hint of luck, and, on occasion, a dash of 4th quarter game winning drive. From Joe Cool to Captain Comeback to tucks, ghosts, and tip-toes, too, here are the 20 greatest 4th quarter drives in NFL history.

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Written by Richard Boadu for @6Magazine

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