1.Your Own Personal Ecto-1

Vehicle: 1958 Cadillac M&M Miller Meteor Ambulance
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Complex Says: If you've ever seen Ghostbusters, you already know what this is. However, it's not one of the cars used in the film. It's also not an officially-sanctioned replica. And it's one year older than the 1959 models used in the film. But this auction is a mere $510 as we write this. Chances are good that your TV cost more than this car. If you love Ghostbusters and are a DIY person, this would make a fantastic project car to restore. Lots of people do ECTO-1 conversions to classic wagons that are vaguely the right shape. Not everyone has access to the correct model. This is a unique opportunity. The seller has an extensive image gallery posted, so you'll know exactly what you're getting yourself into.