This is what it has come to. Saab, as part of its insolvency, is being forced to crush the last 100 Saabs ever made. We can think of five better uses for them.

  1. Give them to Top Gear for an epic game of darts.
  2. Cram 500 former Saab employees in them and take them on an awesome road trip.
  3. Dismantle them and create a small not-for-profit that will help Saab owners get spare parts.
  4. You know, sell them to people.
  5. Donate them to charity. Providing clean water for sick people in the Congo (or whatever that country is called these days) seems more productive than taking millions of dollars of unused merchandise and destroying it.

To add insult to unnecessary injury, Saab may also be forced to liquidate the Saab Museum, since apparently not only must the company die, but all trace of its existence should be expunged from the Earth. This makes the fact that they get to preserve a single 9-5 Estate for the museum seem even more pathetic.

[via Autocar]