The Morgan 4/4 has been on the market, pretty much unchanged for the last 75 years. Technology has marched on but the joy of motoring, the wind in one's hair, and tweed have not. That's why there's an enormous waiting list for Morgan's evocative cars. 

To celebrate 75 years of obstinately sticking their collective head in the sand, Morgan is offering this 4/4 in black, red, or white with a matte black stripe up the middle. Contained in said stripe are the numbers "4/4" and "75." It's still powered by the same 2.0L engine that puts out 145 and gets the 4/4 going to 60mph in a fast (for 1975) 7.2 seconds. This Morgan looks to be quite ahead of its time in terms of performance, seeing as its time was 1937. That doesn't matter though, since this car just looks like a lot of fun... and that's the real point.

[via Morgan]