We're gonna be completely honest with you here: We don't remember Joe Buck's call during the miraculous Eli Manning-to-David Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII. Part of that is because we were about 33 beers deep to help alleviate the nervousness that we felt that night (eh, okay, not really—32 was our limit). And part of it was because Buck's call was, well, not all that spectacular. Tyree's catch was, though, so that's all that we were focused on. But apparently, a lot of you out there do remember Buck's call (lot of hate for this guy out there!) and you've prodded him on Twitter about it so much that he felt the need to come out and explain himself last night on the social network.

"When you do a LIVE event for 100 million people you need to remember to make sure what you THINK you see is what really happened," Buck wrote in response to fans asking him about Tyree's helmet catch. "That catch was insane, but in real time it was surprising to see Eli get out of the pile of people, he was hard to see in there...the catch, while we all know it now was one of the best ever, it was simultaneous and tough to tell as they went to the ground who had it. Tough to go nuts and scream and yell when you need patience to make sure. By then, Troy [Aikman] is talking, and my piece of it is over...That's how I do moments like that...You cannot go pulling your groin making a call that's as multi-layered as that one happened to be."

Good point. We get on Buck a lot, but that makes sense. Still, wouldn't you have loved to hear Gus Johnson make that call? Dude would have been running all over the field raising the roof and handing out high fives when it happened. It's that type of emotion that we wish we would have heard from Buck. And because we didn't, he's going to continue to get hounded for it.

[via SportsGrid]

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