“I loved your point of view ‘cause you held no punches.” Yes, a line from Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” is the best way to describe Anna Benson. The breakout star of VH1's Baseball Wives has gained a reputation for saying and doing whatever she pleases, regardless of who she offends—and we love her for it.

We recently got to speak with the wife of retired MLB pitcher Kris Benson (whom she met while she was dancing at a strip club—she also once threatened to sleep with all of his teammates if she ever caught him cheating) and in the course of the hilariously entertaining 15-minute conversation she managed to call Kobe Bryant a punk, throw MLB under the bus, and even throw a little shade her husband's way. Beautiful, smart and 100% unapologetic: yes, Anna Benson is the baddest.

Interview by Jose Martinez (@ZayMarty)

How did your involvement on Baseball Wives come about?
Anna Benson: Um, I think it’s been in the works for a little while. I guess it finally got legs after Basketball Wives and Football Wives.

Was being on a reality show something that you wanted to do for a while? 
Anna Benson: No. I did not want to do a reality show. It was actually not my thing. But when they came up with it and asked me to do it, it was one of those things where you couldn’t have a Baseball Wives without me. Really, it wouldn’t have made sense. So, I just came in and thought I’d give it a whirl. It was…fun.

It was fun even though there was drama all the time?
Anna Benson: Uh, there were flashes of brilliance. [Laughs.]

Did your all the drama that happened in the first season make you want to return to the show for another season?
Anna Benson: Yeah, I will do Season Two, I think. I'm not sure. It would all just depend on the offer.

You’ve been married to former MLB pitcher Kris Benson for a while now. What do you think is the hardest thing about being married to a baseball player?
Anna Benson: Just their schedule. It sucks. They’re constant OCD. Not every athlete is like my husband, but he is really OCD. He is into everything because when he’s not working, he’s still working and it gets annoying. That’s about it. I mean, he’s just constantly busy. I like to stop and smell the roses and he doesn’t have time for all that.

But he’s retired now, right?
Anna Benson: Yes. And he still won’t stop.

I was going to ask if things have changed since he’s retired.
Anna Benson: No. It’s worse. He’s got a new business now where he does business management for athletes and entertainers. Basically, he’s babysitting all of them, you know, helping them with their bills and all that kind of stuff. He’s talking to the young kids who want to blow their money on shit, so now he’s doing that. Like, he’s gone right now. It’s just different. It wasn’t like he retired and we chilled in the bed for a couple weeks. It wasn’t even like that. I wish.

Do you think business management would be something in the cards for you because I think that your client would get the right deal with your representation.
Anna Benson: Hell no! I wouldn’t want to deal with anybody’s money. I’m the worst. [Laughs.] I’m serious, you should never give me money unless you want it gone. I have to put myself on a certain spending allowance because I’m out of control. I just want to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. 

Well, it seems like you found your niche on Baseball Wives.
Anna Benson: I’m trying. A lot of people don’t get it. People get mad at me.

Well, people need to relax and quit being so uptight.
Anna Benson: Exactly. People who take themselves and other people too seriously, that’s the problem. 

Another thing you’re known for is not pulling any punches when it comes to how you feel about a certain person, so I wanted to get your opinion on the whole Vanessa Bryant-Kobe Bryant situation where he supposedly cheated on Vanessa with over 100 over women while he was still married to her. Now, if you were ever in that situation, how would you have handled it?
Anna Benson: First of all, guess what Kobe? Vanessa can get more dick than you can get pussy. How about that? That’s one thing that he doesn’t think about. And if I were in that situation, that would be my frame of thought. I could get so many men lined up knocking at the door, tall men, short men, hot men, rich men, all types of men. All over the place, so I’m not that worried. As far as the 100 women that Kobe got with, something’s wrong with him. He has a mental problem. He’s got some type of mental defect in his brain that at his age, he’s done nothing but get all this money, have this great opportunity in his life that other people that suffer so much can never have and all he does is go piss it away on whatever dog around the corner that will lift its leg. I have nothing but disgust for Kobe Bryant. I think he is inhuman. I’m glad that she got rid of him. I’m glad that she hasn’t forgiven him this time because I’d be damned if I had to sit at a press conference and hold my man’s hand if he’s accused of rape. He can forget that. I’m glad that she got rid of some dead ass weight because she’s fine. She’s a beautiful woman and he doesn’t deserve her. And now she’s got half of his money! Now, he can spend all of his money on jumpoffs and hoes. I hate Kobe. [Laughs.] I hate that dude. Put that on the 411, Anna Benson thinks Kobe Bryant is a punk. [Laughs.]

Maybe another person you can harp on is Tim Tebow. How do you feel about him?
Anna Benson: I don’t know enough about him, believe it or not. I’m the type of person that if I don’t know that much about a person, I’m not going to take shots or anything like that. All I know is that he’s this super-religious football guy. Is he bad?

Anna Benson: Tell me he’s bad because all really religious people are baaaad. [Laughs.] They are, man.

I won’t say he’s bad... What is the next step in your career?
Anna Benson: Whatever pays me the most? I’m just kidding. All that matters is that it’s something that I enjoy. I would rather make a little bit of money and love what I’m doing than make a lot of money and not love it. I love entertainment and television so much. This reality show is not what I wanted to do, but I did it anyway and I actually had a good time. So I’m glad I did it. I’m hoping to have my own show at some point where I’m just doing whatever I want to do, which can change day-to-day. I definitely like commentary where I can slice and dice people like Kobe Bryant all day on my show.  

If you were given the reins to do whatever show you wanted to do, I think it would make for something real interesting.
Anna Benson: Yeah, the thing is I don’t know how I’m going to feel. I go by how I feel. That’s a common misconception about me. I am not like what you see on TV all day, every day. There are times when I can chill, not talk and read. I am very low key.

And if you do happen to get your own show in the future, would it be a reality show?
Anna Benson: I don’t want a reality show, if I can help it. That’s not my interest. I’m not saying I won’t but if I can help it, I would rather go to the studio, do a show, go home and watch the show. I did not function well a couple of times with having cameras on me for that long. 

Is that something we’ll come to find out as this season of Baseball Wives progresses?
Anna Benson: Oh no. I always hold it down. I’m just telling you that I had some problems. I made friends with the whole crew. I love them dearly. And it was honor to have the producers I had. They were really great. I’ll give VH1 their props too. I would like to do more stuff with VH1 in the future. [Laughs.] 

So, if you were pitching your own show, how would it look?
Anna Benson: Imagine Chelsea Lately, Politically Incorrect, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Soup all mixed together

Sounds like a pretty great show to me. Your popularity really took off when your husband Kris made it to the majors. Do you still keep track of anything having to do with the MLB now that your husband is retired?
Anna Benson: Hell no! I don’t care. They’re done with me. I don’t give a shit about the MLB. [Laughs.] Thanks for the jump-off, MLB. I won’t forget ya. 

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