Wrigley Field turns 100 years old in 2014 (we'll hold off on the drought jokes), and the wear and tear of a century shows. To say the historic stadium needs to be renovated is a bigger understatement than saying Cubs fans are social drinkers. Because the Ricketts don't have the money needed for a complete reconstruction, they are going to slowly start making improvements one section at a time. One of the first steps will be an LED scoreboard and a "rooftop" above the right field wall. 

“It doesn’t affect any of the historic features," Cubs general counsel Mike Lufrano said. "It does not change the bleacher height or the outfield wall. It’s a way to continue to modernize the park, but keep within the historic tradition of Wrigley Field." 

It might not replace the center field hand-run scoreboard, or encroach on the ivy, but we're sure Cubs and baseball purists are going to have something to say about this. At least they're not planning on putting a giant spaceship in the middle like at Soldier Field. 

[via Chicago Sun Times]

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