Fresh off our list of crazy Twitter responses to Tim Tebow's 80-yard game-winning pass, we would like to offer to you another Tebow gem: The life-size Tebowing Fathead. Not only does it represent the awesome irony that the Denver Broncos star is extremely humble, but it's on sale for $58.60 down from $99.99! That might be a bigger steal than getting him with the No. 25 pick.

You also have multiple options for what to plaster on your wall. If you aren't down for the cutout, you can get a mural, or you can get some normal action poses of him on the Broncos or reppin' the Gator uni. So, if you like Jesus, football, winning, praying, God, or Denver, this looks like the perfect accessory for you. 

[via Fathead]

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