College basketball coaches are responsible for doing lots of things during a typical game. Drawing up plays? Of course. Making substitutions? Sure. Punching players in the face to keep them in line? Ehhh, not so much. But that's exactly what Morgan State men's basketball coach Todd Bozeman allegedly did during a game against South Carolina State on Saturday. Although Bozeman has classified what he did as "accidental contact," a number of eyewitnesses who were at the game on Saturday afternoon, including South Carolina State president George E. Cooper, have reported that they saw Bozeman strike Morgan State point guard Larry Batsfield in the face during a timeout.

"The fans all went, 'Ohhhhhhh' when it happened," said one fan who was in attendance at the game. "It was pretty dramatic."

Bozeman has denied the allegations. Batsfield also did an interview on Sunday night in which he denied that his coach punched him. But Bozeman has still been suspended by the team for now and told not to have any contact with his Morgan State coaches or players. And with his checkered past—he was charged with a misdemeanor assault back in 2007 during his first season as the Morgan State head coach after going ham on a restaurant manager in Virginia—it sounds like this might not end well for him.

[via Baltimore Sun]

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