A dunk is worth only two points. A dunk in somebody's face? Also two points, but that's just because NBA puppeteers haven't figured out how to award points based on how badly a player was emasculated. (Obviously, the formula is the victim's height in inches minus his opponent's height, divided by how many years the vic's been in the league, multiplied by the number of viewers who witnessed the bruising of his ego.) While facializations are not technically worth any more than lame-ass layups, they are why we tune in nightly to see which multi-millionaire freak of nature will get cut down to size so we can laugh at him. With that in mind, check out Complex's list of the 50 Best NBA Slam Dunks, a collection of humiliating, in-your-face jams that should be worth at least an additional two points; one for each testicle that was crushed.

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