What's with all the alleged racism in Premier League soccer? Earlier this week, the Football Association banned Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for eight matches and handed him a $62,000 fine for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Eva during a match back in October. And now comes the news that police in London are also going to charge Chelsea captain John Terry with racially abusing an opponent back in October. Apparently, Terry made racist remarks towards Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand and he now faces a charge of using "threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behavior, or disorderly conduct within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm, or distress which was racially aggravated." It carries a maximum sentence of a $3,920 fine.

In his defense, Terry has denied all of the allegations and says that he did not use a racial remark against Ferdinand. "I will fight tooth and nail to prove my innocence," Terry said shortly after the charges were filed. "I have campaigned against racism and believe there is no place for it in society."

But, what exactly is going on here? Whatever it is, the Premier League and the Football Association as a whole need to get it under control—before this turns into a terrible epidemic, sullies the names of more soccer players, and makes futbol look like it's full of racists. Get it together, guys.

[via ESPN]

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