Yikes. We're all for some good old trash talking. And we actually expect to hear a lot of it before, during, and after UFC matches. But light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans took things a tad too far—okay, waaaaaaay too far—on Wednesday when he stepped to the podium at a press conference for his upcoming MMA match with Phil Davis and tried to use the recent Penn State scandal to humiliate his opponent.

Evans started the trash talking by telling reporters why he wants to knockout Davis during their fight. "I prefer to bring the knockout," he said, "because Phil, he needs to get knocked out."

"Glad you mention that cause one of your buddies, Jon Jones, said you don't have much of a chin," Davis, a Penn State alum, replied.

And then, Evans took things to another level. "I guarantee you'll be the first one to take a shot," he said, "cause I'm going to put my hands on you worse than that dude did them other kids at Penn State."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooooa...Really, dude? Too soon. Way too soon. We appreciate the trash-talking effort, but...no. No need to take it there yet. Thanks.

[via Cagewriter]

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