22-year-old Edward Roth was apparently having a bad night on Saturday, November the19th. Strolling into the Hines Mazda of Mission Valley in San Diego at 3 AM, the man was caught on tape catching crazy wreck on a fleet of Mazda vehicles. The footage shows Roth, apparently furious after what appears to be an upsetting phone call, wailing away at a Mazda CX-7, one of over 14 vehicles vandalized. Roth then reportedly proceeded to throw a bench right through the dealership window. The strangest part of the whole ordeal, though? It seems to have been totally random, as the dealership claims Roth has never done business with them before. When officers arrived, they had to use a Taser to apprehend him. Roth faces burglary and felony vandalism charges. 

 via Fox 5 San Diego