Chris Paul's agent made one thing clear to New Orleans officials: Paul want's out, and preferably in a trade to the New York Knicks. 

Yahoo! Sports reported that Paul's agent said the Hornets' point guard would not be signing a contract extension to continue his time in New Orleans beyond the upcoming shortened season. Paul has shown interest in New York after working closely with Carmelo Anthony all summer and has also reportedly reached out to Dwight Howard in hopes of joining forces. 

Clearly the two options could never happen together in harmony, and realistically, the idea of getting him to the Knicks might be a near impossibility as well. What do the Knicks really have to offer?  They are out of desirable draft picks, and centering a trade around 35-year-old Chauncey Billups isn't likely. His expiring $14 million contract does have some appeal, but age and recent injury issues make him much less attractive. The Hornets even said they aren't that worried about trading for a guard and are willing to use Jarrett Jack as their starter. Besides, what does more money mean to New Orleans when they're obviously not cool enough to attract (or keep) max-salary players in first place?

[via Yahoo! Sports]