Marquez and Mayweather aren’t the only names Khan’s calling out. One fight that is less likely to happen but would surely be just as entertaining is one against Sacha Baron Cohen. Yes, the actor. “If there was one celeb I’d like to get into the ring person I don’t like is Ali G, what’s he called now? Borat? Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen. I’d knock him out. I think he’s arrogant and I’ve seen him disrespect fans. I don’t like that because at the end of the day you have to give time to your fans.

And who would the ring girls be?


I'm moving up to 147 pounds because I want new challenges. I want to prove that I'm the best in the world.


“There’s a few good ones out there. Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, Jessica Alba. I think they would make good ring girls. That’s a nice mix right there. Oh, and Nicole Sherizinger. I’ve met her a few times as well. She’s a nice girl,” says the reportedly recently engaged boxer.

Whoa. Well, if Pacquaio v. Mayweather or Khan v. Mayweather doens’t happen we at least have one awesome alternative fantasy bout to pray for: Sacha Baron Cohen v. Amir Khan. Don King, Bob Arum and every other shady promoter out there—make this happen! We’d gladly pay the $70.00 to tune in.

All jokes aside, Khan sees the end of 2011 and moving forward into 2012 as his time to shine. As he continues to spar several rounds at the Wild Card Gym against fighters ranging from lanky 140 pounders to hefty, more powerful middleweight (154 lbs.) boxers, Khan remains confident in his ability to conquer another weight class no matter what big names stand in his way. “I’m moving up to 147 pounds because I want new challenges. I want to prove that I’m the best in the world.”

While we can’t really go all out and quote Paul Revere—Khan is one of only five English boxers holding world titles at the moment—we can say this one British brawler is coming for your favorite American fighters...and their belts. 

by Ralph Warner (@SoloWarnerBro)

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