Anticipating an exciting game between the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football tomorrow? Hate to burst your bubble, but you are going to be disappointed. So says Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who bashed the Broncos run-first offense led by quarterback Tim Tebow and said that he and the rest of the Jets defense will have to stave off boredom in order to get a much-needed W.

"The biggest thing for the secondary is for us not to fall asleep," Revis said yesterday. "It can be boring, especially if a team keeps on just running the ball, series after series, play after play."

What a ringing endorsement for the game, Darrelle! If that doesn't make us turn off our TVs tomorrow and pick up a book instead of watching TNF, we don't know what will.

[via New York Daily News]

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