Outside of a possible Dwight Howard-to-the-Nets deal, the other transaction that everyone is talking about right now is a possible trade between the Celtics and Hornets that would send Rajon Rondo to New Orleans in exchange for Chris Paul. Sounds like a decent deal for both sides, right? At least when you consider that CP3 doesn't seem interested in resigning with the Hornets when his contract is up after this season. 

However, as it turns out, Paul might not be interested in resigning with the Celts, either, which would obviously make the entire deal null and void. Why would Boston want to give up RR for the services of Paul for just one season? And, according to a source, that's exactly what's happening here. CP3 doesn't want to sign an extension with Boston, so we wouldn't count on this trade taking place in a week when NBA teams can start making transactions.

Sooooooo...Should the NBA just let Paul sign with the Knicks now? That is where he's going to end up anyway, right? We say they should spare us the year of speculation and make it happen ASAP. Or, we can just do 500 more posts on Paul and where he might end up after this season. Your call, guys.

[via ESPN]

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