No one thought the Indianapolis Colts would be great this season without Peyton Manning. But no one could have predicted they'd be this bad. Like, despite the fact that they've still got a few big names on both sides of the ball, there's a very good chance we're seeing a team that's worse than the 0-16 Detroit Lions team from 2008. Ironically enough, the Colts have put the rest of their season into the hands of QB Dan Orlovsky, who quarterbacked that shitty '08 Lions team for part of the season, sooooo...What does that say about the Colts right now?

All of that being said, there was one man who predicted the Colts would be this bad. His Twitter name is @Pistol_Pete82 and, before the season started, he put 10 bucks on the Colts to go 0-16 this year at +100000 odds. That means that if the team does do the unthinkable, he'd stand to bank $10,000 of his original $10 bet.

"I made the bet a few days before the announcement of [Peyton Manning's] second surgery," he explained earlier this week. "At the time, they said he was doubtful for week one, I think."

For now, Pete is weighing his options and thinking about hedging his bet by betting that the Colts won't go 0-16 this season so that he walks away with something if the Colts do happen to pull out a victory. But, we've still gotta give dude credit for making a pretty ballsy call at the beginning of the season. Then again, whenever we hear about a story like this, we always think about all of the jackasses out there who put in dumb bets like this one every year and lose. You guys keep these online gambling sites in business. But every now and then, the sun shines on a dog's ass. And that dog's name is Pete right now.

[via Beyond the Bets]

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