We know what you're thinking: "Complex College Football Power Rankings! Where have you been all my life?" Well, not that the first month of the college season hasn't been fun, but there's only so much of SEC schools dragging Oregon FCS schools up and down the field we can take. But we're here now, and every week until December, so let's go.

First a few ground rules:

1. Don't get your fucking feelings hurt. No, this poll does not make up a part of the BCS Championship formula; yes, we're gonna call out your precious little traditional pigskin powerhouse alma mater if they have an off week but still win. Relax, if they're really as good as the experts say they are, it'll all work itself out in the end.

2. See No. 1.

3. A special rule for Week 1 of our Power Rankings: It's all undefeateds. The last time a team with a loss won the BCS, George Bush was still president, your home was worth a little more than it is now, you had a job, and...OK, so it actually wasn't all that long ago (2008-09 to be exact). But a) we all know Utah should've won the chip that year, and b) you really oughta be undefeated on October 2. So Arkansas, you ain't on the list, you either Oregon, and Texas A&M, you sure as shit ain't on the list (good luck in the SEC next year by the way). And, like we said in Rule No. 1, this shit will get sorted out (got a feeling we'll be woo pig sooieing in this list soon enough). Let the fun begin.

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