We know a good publicity stunt when we see one, and this definitely fits into that category. But it's juuuuuuust creepy enough to make us want to tell you about it. Apparently, Michael Jackson's 13-year-old daughter Paris Jackson recently became the first female to join the flag football team at her private school in Los Angeles. So the Lingerie Football League seized the opportunity to make the most of it by reaching out to MJ's estate to ask if Paris would be interested in becoming a spokesperson for the league's new youth program. Yes, that's right: The Lingerie Football League (!) is starting a youth program.

In the letter, LFL Commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza recognizes that there's a "lack of options for competitve female football" in America before pointing out that the LFL is poised to begin hosting youth clinics for young girls interested in getting involved in the game at a young age. And he wants Paris to be the face of it.

Um, we're gonna go out on a limb here and say that the estate is probably going to say..."No." Or, better yet, "HELL NO!" But it was a nice try, fellas. And, hey, it got you some publicity, right? [via TMZ]

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