With the NBA lockout dragging on and players being forced to work out on their own to stay in shape, guys are finding that their daily routines are becoming a bit boring. Case in point: John Wall, who has gotten so tired of practicing his crossover in an empty gym that he's found a creative new way to improve his handles—running up on strangers in the street and pretending to cross them up. WTF? We'll let him explain.

"I know it sounds a little crazy," he said recently, "but I'll just be walking down the street and, out of nowhere, I'll hit someone with an in-and-out move without having a ball. I scare them because they don't know what in the world I'm doing, but I think this game through so much that it just comes out anywhere."

Um, okay? And no one think you're, ya know, running up on them and doing something other than just "hitting them with an in-and-out move" on the sidewalk?

"I had one man tell me that I better not do that again because he got scared when I did a quick crossover in front of him when I was walking down the street," Wall said. "It ends up being pretty funny."

And pretty crazy. David Stern, please get this guy back into a real NBA gym! Like, now. [via Capital Games]