Pro athlete virgins? FOH, not possible. Well, if you believe A.C. Green then it is. Throughout his 16-year career, Green claimed to remain a virgin; a choice he made because of his religious faith. Keep in mind that Green played the majority of his career on one of the most debaucherous teams in pro sports history, the Showtime Lakers. He would reportedly even go as far as responding to groupies that were sent to his room by reading bible scriptures. Not to worry, though. Green was married in 2002 at the age of 38 and we assume he lost his V-card (definitely cutting it close to becoming the real-life 40-year-old virgin).

Today, Green celebrates his 48th birthday and that made us wonder: Are there any athletes today secretly and unintentionally following in Green's footsteps? With groupie thirst at an all time high, you wouldn't think so but our latest list may make you reconsider. From ballers in the NBA and MLB to a pro boxer and international soccer star, here are 10 Pro Athletes Who Are Probably Virgins But Won't Admit It...

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