Volkswagen announced earlier this year that they would be entering in the 2013 WRC with the Polo, but they had not shown us the Polo in question yet. Here it is in all of its glory. If any of you have ever driven a Polo when out of the country, you know that it's a nice little car. Top Gear even proved that it's even got some sporting credentials; it's rather adept at car soccer football. It is, however, a bit boring.

Not anymore! This Polo has been stripped down, had the fenders widened, and the engine tuned up to 300 horses. It looks like it's the kind of car that eats tarmac, gravel, and hope and then poops bullets. This Polo is a badass.

Please Volkswagen... sell a civilian version. We want that.

[More images at and via Autoblog]


PS: We'd want it even more if it was a Scirocco... just saying.