The New England Patriots are playing their first home game of the season on Sunday afternoon against the San Diego Chargers. It's a huge game that could be a preview of the AFC Championship Game later this season. So, if you're planning on attending the game, Tom Brady has a piece of advice for you: You better get $%#^&@ up before you show up!

"Start drinking early," Brady said yesterday. "Get rowdy. It's a 4:15 game, a lot of time to get lubed up. Come out here and cheer for the home team."

He tried to back off his statement later by saying that what he meant to say was that he wants fans to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated on game day. But, uhhhh, yeah, we're not buying that, Tom. Now, pass us a cold one. There are only 75 hours left 'til kickoff and we want to make sure we're ready! [via NESN]