After Wednesday’s exciting night of baseball, the 2011 MLB Postseason starts today. And there is not a better time to start the festivities. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last two days, you know that the Cardinals and Rays completed two monumental comebacks to win the wild cards. But now that all the celebration and mourning (you Sox fans still on suicide watch?) have subsided, let the real season begin!

Of course, some of the normal playoff fixtures are in the postseason mix, like the Phillies and the Yankees. But the Brewers and Diamondbacks offer up some serious Cinderella potential. And if this month has proven anything, it is that the MLB can be full of clutch performances and epic fails right up to the 27th out. In preparation for the upcoming NLDS and ALDS games, we bring you all the things that you need to know like game times, head-to-head advantages, and wacky predictions from the Complex Sports staff in this 2011 MLB Division Series Preview.     

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