The NFL's Week 3 is one epic Redskins-Cowboys rivalry game away from being in the books, and the story of the early season is the resurgence of the long-dormant franchises in Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Oakland. Well, that and something about a broken hand and a Dream Team that may be having a nightmare season. There's a lot of bandwagon jumping, both on and off. Richard Boadu from 6 Magazine gives his take on just how crowded the wagons should be.

Buffalo Bills

The wagon is outside honking the horn, but I’m still inside debating if I want to get on. If they leave me, I won’t be too disappointed. Why? They beat the Raiders and Chiefs—not exactly the 1999 Rams. Sure, they beat the Patriots, but the Pats have no pass rush and no secondary. It’s only week 3. Remember when the ’09 Broncos started off 6-0? yeah they finished 8-8. I think I’m going to let the bandwagon pass me by this time. It should be back around soon.

Detroit Lions

I was outside before the Lions wagon got to my house! I got worried I missed it. Matt Stafford, when healthy, can sling it. Calvin Johnson is the best Johnson WR in the NFL. Their secondary is underrated and their defensive line is dominant at ¾ strength, because 1st round pick Nick Fairley is still out. The wagon is full and there is no more room. So don’t ask.

Michael Vick's Right Hand

Getting off the Vick bandwagon as soon as the MRI results are in tomorrow. So what it’s his right hand and not his throwing hand? He still has to take the snap right? He still needs two hands on the ball when he sets up to throw. He still needs to use that right hand to hand the ball off. This is a six to eight week injury. The only people that should be on this bandwagon are family members and teammates.

Oakland Raiders

Been on the Raiders bandwagon since I saw Bo Jackson run through Brian Bosworth like an athlete through Kim Kardashian. They quietly have the best defensive line you don’t know about. Jason Campbell finally has continuity. And this Darren McFadden guy….he’s damn good.

Chris Johnson, fantasy running back

Chris Johnson hasn’t run for a 100 yards yet. Like not in one game, but through three games he only has 98 yards on 46 carries. If you have him on your fantasy team, don’t bail on him yet. Matt Hasselbeck isn’t washed up, he’s still a good qb. Once teams realize Hasselbeck can beat them (2-1 so far), the running lanes for CJ2K will open up as will your fantasy points. I’m still on the bandwagon.

Antonio Cromartie's brain

Still on the Cro bandwagon and not afraid to say it despite his four pass interference penalties and muffed kickoff return. Did you forget the awesome game he played last week? Two interceptions and two great kickoff returns? I hope you didn’t. He’s averaging 27.2 on kick off returns this year. The four pass interference penalties today were all ticky-tack to be honest and I’m a Raiders fan. I’m on the bandwagon still, but I see people jumping off.