6. What's the age of the oldest groupie that's approached you?

"About 40." - NFC South cornerback

"48." - East Coast offensive tackle

"She looked 50, but I don’t know." - AFC North rookie

7. What's the age of the youngest groupie that's approached you?

"The youngest that they can get in the club." - NFC defensive back

"I hope she was 18. She kept asking for my number, and I sad cut it out!" - Rookie, 2nd round pick

"High school age, it was crazy. I ran from that girl." - NFC South linebacker

8. Of the groupies that you've seen, what race are most of them?

"Black, but that’s just the environments I’m in. I hear other teammates talk about white girls and Latino girls being just as bad." - An anonymous #57

9. What's the most money you've spent on a groupie at one time?

"None…they’re groupies. You don’t have to spend money on ‘em." - Free agent free safety

"This girl wasn’t a groupie, but a chick I was dating. Me and her went to hang out and it was $500 times 2 for travel, $300 for food, throw away money about $200, hotel about $800 and that’s $2300 for a three-day weekend. Now imagine if you have a groupie, and y’all are staying in the Fontainebleau in Miami and hitting clubs and buying tables. You can easily spend $5K without blinking." - NFC offensive guard

10. What hotels are the easiest to sneak them in on the road?

"Any hotel, you just have to do it right. The floor that the players are on has security, so a lot of times players just get a room in the same hotel on a regular floor." - Former NFC East safety

11. How do they get in contact with you?

"Social media mostly. They also give you the groupie stare at the club too. Just stare at yo’ ass until you speak to them. Be hypnotizing guys [laughs]." - NFL Pro Bowl lineman

"They just stare at us when we’re in the club. Like deliberately. It’s like you’re going to the dog pound, and they’re just waiting to get chosen. They will literally stare at you in VIP until you ask them if they want to come to VIP."  - An anonymous #24

"Mainly in the clubs. Anytime there is a big event like a Super Bowl or All-Star weekend, they are around. They make sure to get your attention by the way they dress or they’ll approach you. I’ve had girls slip their number in my pocket before. When they come up to me, they’ll say they're your biggest fan or 'I can tell you play football by the way you’re built.'" - Former NFC East safety

"You’ll see them digging you just by eye contact, and most guys go after those girls. A woman can’t make a man want her. A groupie is just an easy opportunity. They just be thirsty. Then you have the ones who play like they don’t know who you are. They know the rosters and they do their homework. Heck, she’s not bright if she hasn’t done her homework." - An anonymous #96

"I’ve had a waitress see that I’m big by my size. Once she took my credit card for the meal, she remembered my name or wrote it down or whatever and gave me my receipt. Within five minutes of leaving the restaurant, I get hit up on Twitter, and it’s her with a nude twitpic talking bout 'This is what I look like fresh out the shower after work.'" - An anonymous #75

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