Tracy Morgan said it best, “Hoes be winning.” For today’s groupie, a meal ticket is so 2005. Groupies today are all about "that life," and the fastest way to that life is found with any athlete or entertainer within digging reach. The lifestyle these men lead allows them to think “It ain’t tricking if you got it,” and boy…they are out here tricking. And shamefully, some of these guys are simpin’ too. Whether these men are trickin’ or simpin’, if a groupie has that “good good” then her life is great.

Football season is here, and the NBA lockout is a reality. Don’t underestimate the groupie, they know what's up. To the groupie, the NBA lockout is the equivalent of the 2008 stock market crash. The groupies need the NFL more than the fans need the NFL. This upcoming NFL season, the groupie wants to “just do it” and these NFL players “hear the footsteps” of fake red bottom heels coming.

As part of's week-long NFL Preview, we surveyed several NFL players to get a glimpse into just what the groupie scene is like these days. We offered them anonymity in exchange for their candor. Here’s what they had to say.

By Richard Boadu for 6Magazine

1. How big of a problem are groupies?

"You really have to protect yourself. Now, not every baby mama is a groupie, but you see a lot of women seeking the benefits of NFL players. I try to be fair that women are naturally attracted to successful men and that [includes] athletes. But now with groupies, it’s a bigger beast." - An NFC South Pro Bowler

"A big problem because a lot of guys that never really had ‘em before have ‘em now, and they don’t now how to act with the new attention. Groupies are really bad because they destroy homes. A lot of these players are married with children. These groupies don’t give a fuck at all about a man being married. They just care about themselves and what they can get out the situation." - A free agent safety

"Not a problem unless you let them be a problem." - One of the best defensive tackles in the game

2. What city has the most?

"New York, L.A., Miami, Houston, Vegas and wherever the big events are." - A cornerback for a team on the East Coast

"Miami, L.A. and Phoenix." - An East Coast Pro Bowler

"Dallas, Houston…especially Atlanta, and Jacksonville has them too. The women in Puerto Rico and Brazil are easy but they really could care less that you play in the NFL. They just know that you’re from out of town and want to show you a good time." - A free agent safety

3. What city has the least?

"I don’t know. They are everywhere really. If I had to pick a city, I’d say Buffalo." - NFC East Pro Bowler

"Any city without a pro team." - An NFC South Pro Bowler

4. What city has the hottest groupies?

"Houston, L.A. and Miami." - An NFC South Linebacker

"You can never go wrong with Atlanta, and Miami would be a close second." - State of Florida lineman

"Phoenix for sure." - A current Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion

5. What city has the ugliest groupies?

"Since they are small towns, Buffalo or Green Bay. They may have some diamonds in the rough though." - AFC East rookie

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