If we told you that Kobe Bryant just got his very own signature "Black Mamba" car, you'd probably get a few different ideas in your head. Like, a Porsche covered in snakeskin, a Lambo with a pair of fangs painted on the hood, or, hell, even just a jet-black Benz with black rims, black tinted-out windows, and a buttery-soft black leather interior. What probably wouldn't come to mind is a relatively plain-looking black Smart car. Yet, that's exactly what Fortwo just rolled out in honor of the Mamba.

The limited-edition "Black Mamba" Smart car, which features a fully blacked-out exterior and interior Brabus wheels as well as Kobe's signature written on the hood, is now on sale for just $19,412. But, before you Kobe stans out there run to the bank to get a loan, there's a catch: The "Black Mamba" car is only available in China. So good luck getting your hands on one. [via Pro Basketball Talk]