Sorry, Red Sox fans, but this isn't a joke. Before the Sox took on the Baltimore Orioles last night in a game that had huge playoff implications for the Sox, Boston's starting pitcher Erik Bedard was served with child support papers stemming from a dispute he's currently having with an ex-girlfriend. However, he wasn't served the papers by just anyone. Rather, Tom Cabral—a lifelong Yankees fan—served Bedard the papers in Boston while wearing a Yankees shirt. He also bragged on his Facebook wall about the incident and revealed that he purposely waited to serve Bedard the papers on the same day that he was scheduled to pitch a big game for Boston.

"The Red Sox were very cooperative," he told the New York Post last night. "They asked me if I could serve these tomorrow because he was starting tonight. My position was, [Bedard's ex-girlfriend Courtney Roberts] wants it served today, and that's what I have to do."

Well played, my friend. You are now officially a part of one of the biggest rivalries in American sports. [via Big League Stew]