On the NFL Network yesterday, current NFL analyst/former NFL player Jamie Dukes was trying to explain how Michael Vick's hand injury could affect his ability to take snaps from his center. But instead of just talking about it, he decided that a hands-on demonstration might be the best way to illustrate his point. So, he did what any perverted old man analyst would do—he asked the host who was leading him through the segment to stand behind him while he bent over and "take a couple snaps." Problem? The host is a female and she didn't seem to take too kindly to his request.

We're pretty sure dude was just kidding—rather, we hope dude was kidding—but the host was obviously put off by the comment and, well, we're sure Dukes got a talking to from higher-ups after the segment aired. Especially since he tried suggesting it to her again at the end of it. Eeeeeeeeeasy, big fella! You do like your job, right? [via Midwest Sports Fans]