You would think that Red Sox pitcher John Lackey would have been in a good mood last night. He started for the Sox in a game that the team had to have against the Yankees and, after a 14-inning contest, they got the W. So, it should have been all smiles in the clubhouse afterwards, right? Eh, not quite.

After the game, Lackey was pretty ticked off—okay, very ticked off—at the media gathered around his locker. His reason? A reporter apparently sent him a text message 30 minutes before his start in an effort to ask him "personal stuff" (we have to believe it had something to do with this) that he didn't want to be bothered with, especially at that particular time.

"I shouldn't even have to be standing up here dealing with it," Lackey said, before cutting his press conference short. "Anything else you want to talk about?"

Nah, but if we think of anything else, mind if we shoot you a, nevermind. [via Hardball Talk]