For much of his early career, Zach Randolph and trouble with the law went hand-in-hand, but after having a great season with the Memphis Grizzlies and no word of any misbehavior for the last 8 months, it seemed as though the bad times may have been behind him. That was until this past weekend when cops investigated the beating of a drug dealer that occurred at Randolph's house in Portland. The victim, James Beasley, told KGW News that "he went to the West Linn home of former Portland Trail Blazer Zach Randolph to sell marijuana and when there was a disagreement over price, he was beat by men with a pool stick."

SMDH! Are you serious?! While it doesn't appear that Z-Bo is wanted for any wrongdoing, he's really gotta change up the crew he rolls with. [via The Big Lead]