Ferrari has got a ton of fun in the pipeline for us, and will shortly be replacing the 430 Spyder and the 599 GTB Fiorano. 

Ferrari 458 Italia: The brilliant 458 is going to spawn a folding hard-top Spyder variant in 2012, a trimmed down, faster Scuderia version in 2013, and get a general "freshening" in 2014. Look for the Spyder to debut at Frankfurt and start shipping to the states in early 2012.

Codename F152: In 2012 the 599 is retiring and will be replaced by an as of yet unnamed vehicle that sounds very similar. It will be a two seat, rear wheel drive GT powered by a front longitudinally mounted V12. Yummy. Look for this one in March in Geneva.

New Enzo: In 2012 Ferrari will start selling a replacement for the Enzo that will show off all of the weight-saving and fuel economy technology that ferrari plans to implement in the next ten years. The best news, however, is that it will be powered by a naturally aspirated V12.

Oh, and the California is getting a facelift in 2013.

[via Auto News]