Okay, so what Real Madrid just did isn't quite as crazy as what the Dutch soccer club VVV Venlo did earlier this year when they signed an infant to a 10-year contract. But it's still pretty nuts to hear that they just gave a one-year contract to a 7-year-old soccer prodigy from Argentina named Leonel Angel Coira after hearing that fellow Spanish club Atletico Madrid was also interested in signing the youngster. For now, he'll play for a year on Real Madrid's under-9 team, the "Benjamin" squad. But they're hoping that he'll develop into a superstar-type player like his fellow Argentine player Lionel Messi when he gets a little older.

"[My] dream is to meet Messi, play in the first division with Madrid and for Argentina in the World Cup," the boy said shortly after the signing.

Good to see that dream is already starting to come true—at the age of seven. Damn, they grow up so quick these days. [via ESPN]