PROMO: The 10 Most Stylish Men in the History of Soccer

10. David Ginola

The first of three Frenchman on our list, David Ginola's status as fashion icon is all about the hair. A former L'Oréal spokesman, Ginola boasted enviable flowing locks while dazzling in the English Premier League. Off field, he became a sex symbol (damn French accent) and a stalwart of classic continental style. 

Years Active: 1985-1988 (Toulon), 1988-1990 (Racing Club de Paris), 1990-1992 (Brest), 1992-1995 (Paris Saint-Germain), 1995-1997 (Newcastle United), 199-2000 (Tottenham Hotspur), 2000-2002 (Aston Villa), 2002 (Everton). 

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