There's a handful of cars that separate the boys from the big boys. The Murcielago (Spanish for "Bat") was introduced in 2001 and was Lamborghini's first car since the Diablo's introduction in 1990. Everyone from Ja to Jeezy to Jermaine Dupri could be seen stuntin' hard in a basic Lambo with no modifications. Even teenie-boppers Bow Wow and Soulja Boy found themselves in the middle of a viral car beef, accusing each other of renting their Lamborghinis. Those who couldn’t afford the $300k+ price tag for a Murcielago settled for Lambo doors on everything from Escalades to Benzes.

Lyrical Mention: "Back then dude needed cash to borrow/ But these days a Maserati and a Murcielago -Soulja Boy, "Weed and Shoes"

Nothing says "I Get Money" like a lime green Lambo.