The combo of athletes X drugs is hardly shocking to any sports fan today. Whether they're using steroids to gain an edge on the field or recreational drugs to lose their edge off of it, stories of ballers getting caught up seem to always be in the headlines.

However, the real shocker comes when sports stars (many of whom are multi-millionaires) get caught being involved in large-scale drug operations for profit. Such was the case for former NFL running back Jamal Lewis, who was charged with conspiracy to distribute five kilograms of cocaine back in 2004. Lewis celebrates his 32nd birthday (and we're pretty sure his freedom, too) today. His unique story got us thinking though — how many other professional athletes have been arrested for their involvement in drug trafficking despite seemingly having no reason to do so? Turns out a lot more ballers have moved rock off the field of play than you think. From Olympic medalists to a world champion kickboxer and even a Super Bowl champion, here is a History of Drug-Dealing Athletes...

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