Yahoo! Sports just did a pretty interesting piece about the Drew League, the pro-am circuit in South Central L.A. that's made headlines a few times this summer thanks to the participation of a handful of NBA players. In it, writer Marc J. Spears talks to Game about his involvement in the league as a player/coach/GM for Go Ham, a squad that's featured several NBA players this summer, including Kevin Durant, Ron Artest, and DeMar DeRozan. It's not helping his R.E.D. Album get finished any quicker—we keed!—but Game's participation in the Drew League is giving NBA fans an outlet to see their favorite athletes play during the lockout.

The piece also mentions that Game is hoping to have a surprise for fans who've kept up with the Drew League sometime later this summer: An appearance by Bulls point God guard Derrick Rose, who Game has been actively recruiting for the team. "I would consider playing because I like his music," Rose told Yahoo! Sports. "He's a cool guy, a real guy, and he can play a little bit."

If you're a frustrated NBA fan, stay tuned. [via Yahoo! Sports]