IIt's safe to say Tony Allen's barber is probably pissed at him right now. After he no doubt spent hours carving this awesome grizzly bear into the back of Allen's dome before last night's Grizzlies game against the Spurs, someone got to TA (tell us it wasn't you, D-Stern!) and asked him to get rid of it before he stepped onto the court. If he would have stuck with it, can you say, "Best playoff haircut...ever"? D'ah well. The Grizz got the W and are just one game from knocking out Tim Duncan & Co. so we're sure Allen isn't too broken up about it. Now, his barber on the other hand... [via Boxden]

Tony Allen said he talked to some "advisors" and they told him to cut his hair. "But I left da ears doe"less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply