Apparently, Dick Vitale is in love with Alex Rodriguez! Or, at least, the idea of being Alex Rodriguez. Over the weekend, Dickie V hopped on Twitter and dropped a tweet asking the question that, well, none of us over here have ever asked ourselves. "Does anyone in sports have a package better than Arod?" he tweeted. "Think about it a dream 4 many—superstar talent—good looking—CASH—Cam. Diaz! WOW!" Ummmmmm...Okay. But about that "package" part...PAUSE?!

He later tried to clarify his statement after a few fans ( readers possibly?!?) called him out for it, but yo: Even if you did only mean it as a compliment, it's still creepy, Dick. Leave it alone. [via Off the Bench]

Does anyone in sports have a package better than Arod? Think about it a dream 4 many -superstar talent-good looking-CASH - Cam. Diaz! WOW!less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply