If you're a fan of Porsches (and, really, who isn't?) the photos you're about to see are sure to get you salivating. But if you're not sure who Singer is, hold on to your helmets. The custom auto designer is in the business of redelivering classic lines with a modern twist. Case in point, this production 911—which looks like a pristinely cared for example of automotive excellence—is in fact a custom carbon-bodied shell, styled around a modern day Porsche powerplant. That's right, under that old-school looking hood sits a 410 hp 3.82-liter flat six engine.

Bilstein coilovers and Brembo calipers have also been integrated to help keep all that power in check, and the interior's no slouch either. Take a look around and an RSR wheel, Heuer chronograph, and other striking elements make its $200,000 price tag seem pretty reasonable. 

Click through and enjoy this ultimate sleeper-sell.

[via Singer]