You can't argue the statement that just about everyone knows what an iPhone or iPad is, or at the very least, recognizes what that little glowing piece of bitten fruit stands for. But Ducati? Of course we all know it as one of the most bad-ass brands of sportbikes on the market, but apparently quite a few other people do too.

A recent study by Brandchannel, a company that tracks various product placement in movies, Ducati is tied with Audi as the second most recognized brand behind Apple. It's not surprising if you think back on some of the recent films that hit theaters. The Expendables, Tron: Legacy, Knight and Day, and Takers all had versions of the Italian motorcycle in a more than memorable scene.

Ducati claims none of the placements are paid for, attributing all of them to directors and movie producers choosing them for their regard and recognition. A vicious cycle of winning or under-the-table dealings? Who really cares. Checkout their Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Edition and get to know 'em even better.

[via VisorDown]