Complex: Do you enjoy the city of Memphis?

Rudy Gay: Memphis is slow. It's country but it's my home so I have adapted. Everything is Memphis and has been for five years.

Complex: What kind of music do you listen to before games to get amped?

Rudy Gay: I listen to all sorts of music, from Daft Punk to Rick Ross—so I listen to everything. My father was actually an R&B singer.

Complex: Oh, really? Solo, or was he in a group?

Rudy Gay: He was in a group called Ace Spectrum. It was in the '70s. He is from New York, so he had some success over there, but you know what's funny?

Complex: What?

Rudy Gay: You know Drake's song, "Fancy?" That's one of their samples.

Complex: Oh, that's what's up. You knew that when you heard it?

Rudy Gay: No, he told me. I wouldn't know. That's not my thing... I just hoop [laughs].

Complex: So, the NBA Dunk Contest has been catching a lot of criticism the last couple years, and I know you were in the 2008 one. What do you think needs to improve to bring it back to the prominence it once had?

Rudy Gay: I mean, back in the day people were thrilled to see people jump high and doing things in the air, but now it's all about the flair, the flash, what new you can bring. What kind of cape you can wear? I never been into that, so that's why I call myself a game-dunker. Somebody comes my way, I'll show you what I can do.

Complex: When you are playing and you see a clear lane and a guy standing near the rim, do you think in your head: "I'm about to finish this dude"?

Rudy Gay: Sometimes, you know.

Complex: Like the vicious dunk over Luis Scola and Dikembe Mutombo. You had to know you were going to destroy them.

Rudy Gay: Sometimes you just gather your feet and say, "Man I hope he jumps." [Laughs.] That was one of those situations where he bit for a fake and I knew I had him. I didn't think Mutombo was coming over so I was like, "Now that you hated, you can get some too. [Laughs.]

Complex: Yeah, that dunk was crazy. Recently, people have been praising Kevin Durant for being humble. I feel you have that same demeanor. Do you consider yourself to be that kind of dude?

Rudy Gay: Man, I try to be. You never who is out there working harder than you, and I feel as though I have a lot to work for and work on. I am in no way shape or form done working or done with my progression with this game.

Complex: What things do you think you need to work on to bring your game to another level?

Rudy Gay: I feel like I can be more of a leader. That's something I think every team needs.

Complex: As in being more vocal on the court?

Rudy Gay: Yeah, being more vocal and being more consistent.

Complex: You have a girlfriend, but you are an NBA player, so how is it trying to dodge the groupies coming at you left and right?

Rudy Gay: It's tough, because you are a public figure, but that goes a lot with being humble. You have to be yourself. You can't let any man or woman come into your life and try to change you.

Complex: What kind of advice would you tell a kid who has aspirations of being in the NBA?

Rudy Gay: I would tell him to forget about it, it's too much work [laughs]. Everybody sees the outside of being a basketball player, but they don't see the work you put in. Growing up, I missed on a lot of things as a kid, because I was too busy trying to get to where I am now. It's a lot of sacrifice.

Complex: I know you like a few HBO TV shows. Could acting be in your near future?

Rudy Gay: Well, I was in an episode of The Game back in my day [laughs]. I was just talking about that with someone the other day, how I wanted to be on Entourage. I really like that that show. Eastbound and Down is really funny, too.

Complex: Well, you only have one more season to get that request in.

Rudy Gay: I know. I will definitely get on that [laughs].



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