Paul Scheer's Fantasy Football Advice (VIDEO)

If you like fantasy football and you like to laugh then you already know the god Paul Scheer and his FX show The League. (If for some reason you don't, it's probably the funniest show on television now, and about a FF league to boot. Now go crawl back under your rock.) But did you know Scheer actually knows his stuff when it comes to FF? We didn't—until we just happened to run across dude offering fantasy tips for a nickel on the streets of New York last week. Of course now we feel like suckers for subscribing to all those expensive "Insider Advice" services, but you don't have to get shortchanged like us. Wondering if Brandon Jacobs is a good look this week? Or how a certain celeb tight end's "health" might affect his performance? Wonder no more after checking out Paul's fantasy advice in the video above. Down! Set! Psych!


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