The 50 Greatest Juke Moves in Football History

Words by Richard Boadu & Claude Clayborne of 6 Magazine

What player made you want to jump out of your seat (or reach into your TV and choke him) after a breathtaking, ankle-breaking run? WHOOP!* Who leaves opponents in the dust with torn MCLs? WHOOP! Who made you watch his every move because an embarrassment was always imminent? WHOOP! Word to the right analog stick in Madden, we are saluting all of the illest shake-and-bakers of gridiron glory, from pro HOFers like Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith to NCAA killers like DeMarco Murray and LaMichael James. As the football season starts up (thank God), we present The 50 Greatest Juke Moves in Football History...

* Chris Berman voice

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